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Joint issue Slovenia‒Albania

Date of issue: 22.12.2021
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Printing Process and Layout:
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Albanian and Slovene islands

Together with Albanian Post we present two stamps that draw attention to an important feature, eco-tourism, i.e. tourism that is not in the aggressive form of mass crowds and the technologically attractive tourist industry, and that allows visitors to get to know the lifestyle of local people and the natural environment. We can speak of a sustainable relationship with the environment, which is a fundamental condition for its future development and existence.

The Albanian stamp presents the island of Zvërnec in the Lagoon of Narta (Laguna e Nartës) along the Adriatic coast. This is the biggest of two islands in a protected natural area with numerous plants and birds. Each year more than 34,000 birds winter over on the island.

Slovenia is presenting one of its river and lake islands, specifically the island in the intermittent Lake Cerknica, where there is also the village named Otok (meaning ‘island’), which was first mentioned in sources back in the 16th century. In 1536 there were four whole farms or holdings on Otok. In 1718 land divisions in the village of Otok gave rise to 11 farms, and in 1971 there were ten. A special feature of life on this island right up until the 1930’s was the lake. When the lake’s level rose a lot, Otok was completely cut off and boats were used for transport. Boats were used for everyday errands, and people would go by boat to school weddings or funerals. In the place where Otok is closest to the little promontory of Otočec, it was not until after the Second World War that a bridge was built, and the road causeway that links the other side of the island with the mainland even when the lake is at its highest was raised. In their everyday lives and industry the islanders are a fine example of coexistence with the natural environment.


Prof Dr Janez Bogataj        

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